Smart Health Training


Course Outline

What is E-health??

  • ICT in healthcare
  • Healthcare telematics
  • Medical records
  • Telemedicine
  • Digital imaging
  • In fact: re-organising healthcare


Technical building blocks

  • Connectivity
  • Security and en encryption
  • Authentication
  • Databases (certified sources and others)‏
  • XML applications
  • Naming systems/ defining terms, codes, …
  • Sources/portals


Legal framework

  • Privacy legislation
  • Organisation of the state
  • Health care legislation
  • Social sector organisation
  • State (Ministry of social affairs)
  • Private sector (health insurance)
  • Health care professionals organisations
  • Patients organisations


Smart Health platform

  • Users in contact with the authentic sources
  • Interfaces
  • Optimising the quality and continuity of health care delivery
  • Optimising the patients security
  • Simplification of administrative formalities for all actors in health care
  • Good support for a sound health care management
  • Centralized storage of personal health data
  • Secure electronic data interchange between the health players
  • Service with added value


Dilevery Options