RF Measurement Services

Measurement Services are focused on supporting operators and vendors with various field measurements during network evolution in all phases from roll-out to optimisation and operation. Preliminary measurements in the field are fundamental for cost-effective RF planning. Similarly, regular performance measurements can not be neglected to justify the planning and optimisation costs. Continuous field monitoring is in turn required to avoid the problem spots and to react to end-user feedback.

Measurement services include model tuning to bring maximum accuracy in coverage and interference prediction, verification measurements to support planning and optimisation tasks, and benchmarking to ensure the competitiveness on the market. Lab measurements and field trials are offered to reach high confidence before employing any software release or functionality in the network. The measurements are delivered with a full set of tools.

  • Fully Integrated and calibrated test systems
  • EMI/EMC test site planning
  • RFI measurements and troubleshooting
  • RF interoperability and compatibility testing
  • Impedance analysis and s-paramater measurment
  • Data Collection and monitoring
  • RF compliance surveys