Radio Network Planning and Optimization Services

Radio Network Planning and Optimisation Services offer solutions with practical techno-economical calculations, and a successful and efficient network deployment.

The dimensioning service contains technical calculations to evaluate required network elements, layouts and features, and a consulting type of approach to guarantee the optimal return on investments. The output acts as valuable input for business planning and network evolution scenarios, thus guaranteeing efficient deployment or expansion of the mobile network.

The planning service covers all the tasks in the pre-planning and planning phases of a cellular network. In addition to the normal planning tasks we can provide in-depth network planning tool support, data conversions and data filling capabilities. Moreover, we can also perform as planning managers, specialists and network planning engineers.

  • Continuous Wave (CW) testing
  • Refarming spectrum in LTE
  • Nominal cell planning
  • RF site survey
  • Planning for capacity and expansion
  • HetNets services
  • Capacity Requirments Planning (CRP)
  • Model tuning
  • Testing and Commissioning