LTE signaling and protocols Training


  • Overview of 3GPP releases
  • E-UTRAN/EPC standardization work
  • Network elements and interfaces
  • CP and UP bearers
  • QoS parameters (AMBR, QCI, TFT )


NAS Protocols (EMM and ESM)

  • Mobility management procedures
  • Session management procedures
  • Pool areas and Tracking Area lists
  • Idle mode Signalling Reduction (ISR)
  • NAS states and state transitions
  • NAS message formats
  • EPS security architecture, AKA, key derivation functions
  • E-UTRAN channel architecture

 Radio Resource Control protocol (RRC)

  • System information broadcasting, paging
  • RRC connection establishment, RRC states
  • Default/signalled configuration of Signlling/data radio bearers
  • UE capabilities, Feature Group Indicators
  • RRC connection reconfiguration procedure (incl. intro to ASN.1)
  • Measurement control, event reporting
  • RRC connection release and re-direction procedures
  • RRC processing delay


Packet Data Convergence Protocol (PDCP)

  • PDCP architecture and functions
  • RoHC header compression
  • PDCP reordering and retransmission during handovers
  • PDCP PDU formats

Radio Link Control protocol (RLC)

  • RLC architecture and functions
  • RLC modes: AM, UM and TM
  • ARQ operation (retransmission and re-segmentation)
  • RLC PDU formats

Medium Access Control protocol (MAC)

  • MAC architecture and functions
  • Stop-and-wait HARQ
  • Scheduling on DL-SCH and UL-SCH
  • CQI reporting, BSR reporting and PHR reporting
  • MAC control procedures
  • MAC PDU formats


S1 & X2 Application Protocols 

  • Establishment of logical S1-connection
  • UE context management in eNB
  • E-RAB management
  • S1 handover procedures
  • Application Protocol (X2AP)
  • X2 handover preparation and execution
  • Inter-cell interference co-ordination

EPS Interworking & Signaling flows

  • GTP protocol
  • PS, CS interworking
  • Self-organising Networks (SON)
  • Random access and RRC connection establishment
  • Initial Attach and establishment of default bearer
  • Dedicated bearer establishment
  • X2-based handover (LTE-to-LTE)
  • Inter-RAT handover (LTE-to-UTRAN/GERAN)