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Internet of Things (IoT) Overview

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the interconnection of uniquely identifiable embedded computing devices within the exisitng internet infrastructure. Internet of Things ”means“ a world-wide network of interconnected objects uniquely addressable, based on standard communication protocols.

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The new rule for the future is going to be, “anything that can be connected, will be connected.”  But why on earth would you want so many connected devices talking to each other? To increase efficiency, energy, time, cost, resources and sustainable life.

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IoT Protocol Stack

iot architecture

Wireless Technologies for IoT

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IoT/IoE Protocols

iot protocols

IoT Devices Gateway Capabilities

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IoT Data Management Capabilities

iot data intelligence

IoT Context Processing & Analysis

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IoT Cloud Architecture

Iot cloud

IoT Cloud Data Acquisition

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IoT Evolution & Market Trends

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IoT Smart Grid

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