4G LTE/LTE-Advanced Training


The UMTS standards body, 3GPP, has been following its plan to achieve ambitious goals for the future of mobile communications i.e. Fourth Generation (4G) Long Term Evolution – LTE. The driving force for further developing LTE towards LTE Advanced was to be able to provide higher bitrates in a cost efficient way. This course covers the major aspects of LTE Advanced and will give the delegate an understanding of the new functionalities introduced.

The main new functionalities introduced in LTE-Advanced are Carrier Aggregation (CA), enhanced use of multi-antenna techniques and support for Relay Nodes (RN) and these are covered in detail on the course. In order to achieve the high Peak data rates required in LTE Advanced, carriers will be aggregated together to provide an increased spectrum bandwidth, the maximum being 100 MHZ. There are some new protocols and LTE Channels and this course covers that as well as the enhancement or changes to some of the channels.


  • Latest Industry research and analysis in to LTE Advanced Test Trials and strategies.
  • Information on Carrier Aggregation with bandwidth exceeding 20MHZ and up to 100MHZ
  • Advantages of Multi-antenna techniques to boost peak throughput in excess of 3Gbit/s
  • Heterogeneous network planning of mixed large and small cells mixed by using Relay Node
  • Advanced Multicell Coordination
  • MIMO Enhancement in LTE Advanced
  • Relay Architecture and NODES


At the end of this course, participant will:

  • Understand the mobile arena and the goals of LTE
  • Appreciate the evolutionary path towards LTE
  • Be aware of major air interface features including SC-FDMA
  • Gain an understanding of the radio channels at both physical and logical level